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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Should I Enable Hyper Threading in Hyper V?

Recently i have deployed a Hyper V R2 on Dell R710 with 2 Quad Core CPU. That's mean i will get
2 X 4 cores = 8 cores. Then i decided to enable Hyper Threading on the server. Guess what! now i got 16 cores after enable Hyper Threading. Well, not a big deal. That's what HT is for: it double up your CPU cores.

The next question that pop out from my head is

"Will Hyper Threading affect Hyper V performance?"

After surfing for a while on this question, i managed to find a page which discuss about this question, please refer to

As a summary, Hyper Threading will never hurt performance but aid performance. So just go to BIOS and enable Hyper Threading to enjoy extra cores and performance.

FYI, Hyper-V R2 now supports up to 64 logical processors (cores or hyper-threaded CPU's).