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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Measure the Performance of the Hyper V Using Performance Monitor

When we receive call from users about the slowness of the server, we always look into Task Manager.This is  not applicable when you measure the performance of the Virtual machine.
Therefore i remind visitor do not use "Task Manager".

In order for you to correctly measure the Virtual Machine, you can use Performance Monitor which available on Hyper V Host machine. Configure Data Collector Set and enter below counter to collect the report.

i) CPU Utilization:-

a) For Physical Server
Hyper-V HyperVisor Logical Processor (*)\% Total Run Time
Sample of a Hyper V physical host:-

b) For Virtual Machine
Hyper-V HyperVisor Virtual Processor\% Guest Run Time
- select vcpu of the virtual machine.
Sample of a virtual machine with 2vcpu:-

Sample of DPM VM with 4vcpu:-

ii) Memory Availability
a) \Memory\Available Mbytes

iii) Disk Utilization
a) \Logical Disk (*)\Avg Disk Sec /Read
b) \Logical Disk (*)\Avg Disk Sec /Write

Sample of Virtualization host:- memory and disk utilization

Look nice the graphic but sometimes not 100% accurate. Refer to the average value and below benchmark to interpret the result of the performance collection.

CPU Utilization

Healthy : Less than 75%
Warning : Greater than 75%
Critical : Greater than 85% (need to investigate)

Memory Availability
Healthy : Greater than 10% of RAM
Warning : Less than 10% of RAM
Critical : Less than 100MB

Disk utilization
Healthy : Less than 10 ms (0.010)
Warning : Greater than 15 ms (0.015)
Critical : Greater than 25 ms (0.025)

[Updated]- 18 Oct 2011
Network monitoring
Use  \Network Interface (*)\OutputQueue Length
Health :- Less than 1 on average
Warning :- Above 1 on average
Critical :- 2 or more on average
If you would like to learn more, please refer to