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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unsupported Cluster Configuration in a HA VM with a GPT Pass Through Disk

Everthing work fine when i setup DPM 2010 and has been running fine as reported in VMM. Just waiting for 2.5TB disk arrive to use for storage pool. For your information, DPM 2010 is residing on High Availability Virtual Machine.

As suggested by Microsoft article, the storage pool should configure to use pass through disk.

When the disks finally arrived, i have created another LUN and present to the cluster server. Not that difficult to configure. Just

1. Online the disk
2. Initialize the 2.5TB disk. Use GPT as i want the disk to grow more than 2TB. If you choose MBR, the partition will create up to 2TB. Additional space will create on another partition.
3. Offline the disk. No need to format the disk.
4. Use Failover Cluster Manager snap in to add the storage for the cluster and on the HA VM, add the disk. I have blog about this before. Pls refer to
5. On the DPM 2010 VM, add the storage pool. To learn how, just refer to

Guess what, everything work just fine. But VMM reported "Unsupported Cluster Configuration". Gosh !

Not to worry. All you need to do is run Windows Update to patch VMM.
Once you have patch the VMM, you need to upgrade the VMM agent on all hosts. Luckily Microsoft has released a patch to fix this issue on 8 June 2010 (a month). For more info, please refer to