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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Install DPM 2010 Protection Agents for Workgroup or Untrusted Domain

Good news! With DPM 2010, now you can perform backup for workgroup computer and other domain (which refer as untrusted domain in dpm). Before you can start the backup, you need to install the protection agent. Follow below steps:-

1. On protection computer execute the following computer

Net use z: \\ dpm server name \c$

Note: i'm going to map to dpmserver c drive.
2. Go to Z:\program files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\ProtectionAgents\RA\3.0\3.0.7696.0\i386

3. Execute dpmra.msi to install DPM Protection agents

4.Open Command prompt and execute the following command

setdpmServer.exe –dpmservername DPMservername -isNonDomainServer –username dpmadmin_X

Note: Enter a new user account, for other protected computers. Do not use the same user account.
Define dpmservername using NETBIOS name.



Note:- You can't use the same user account. The account must unique. One computer is using one user account. This account will create on DPM server and Protection computer.
5. Enter the password and reconfirm the password

6. On DPM Console, Click on Management tab and Agents tab. On Action pane, click Install. Select Attach computer and select “Computer is under workgroup or untrusted domain”.
7. Enter computer name and username and password that you enter on step 4. click Add and click Next . Make sure you can ping the computer account. If cannot, please add into hosts file which located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

8. Review the summary and Click Attach. Wait until it display Success status.

You have just completed install protection agents for workgroup computer and computer in different domains.