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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Import VHD or VMDK into SCE 2010

SCE 2010 allow you to import Microsoft VHD and Vmware Virtual disk. By default only one (1) library folder is available. Just follow the following steps:-

1. On the Computers pane, click Import Virtual hard disk

2. Import a Virtual Hard Disk wizard open. Select either Import Microsoft VHD or Vmware VMDK.
Make Sure you have store the vhd/vmdk with vmx into SCE library. To open the library, click on "the library folder"

3. By default, the library folder is located in "\\ SCE computer name\MSSCVMMLibary0"
Put VHD or VMDK (Vmware Virtual disk) and VMX (Vmware configuration file) into this library.

4. On the Specify configuration, you can edit the hardware profile by clicking on Change properties

5. SCE will perform a compatibility check on the suitable host. Select your destination host that you would like the VM to reside.

6. Enter the Virtual Machine name and the path for the VM which going to resides.

7. Review the summary before click "Create"

8. Once you click Create. The wizard will start the import process. You will not see any job running as similar as SCVMM. Only Steps and progress indicating the importing process.

9. Once finish, you will see the confirmation status.