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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Server Core for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 -Hyper V ?

You may wonder how to secure Hyper V. One of the method is using Server Core rather than running on full GUI version.

Server Core is like linux and we are back to old days (DOS screeen). After login in, you will only see DOS screen and black screen. Just command line.

This is the benefit why you use Server Core for Hyper V
a) Reduce maintenance. As less component is install, you do not need to perform a lot of patch installation.
b) Reduce attack surface. Because fewer application is installed, then less security holes.
c) Less disk space required. Server Core require only 10GB compare to full installation of windows Server 2008 which can occupy almost 20GB of your hard disk space.
d) Use less resources compare to full GUI version

Good thing is after you have performing initial configuration for the server, you can install RSAT tool into your client workstation in order to remotely manage Hyper V.

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