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Monday, September 7, 2009

Part 106:- Update Management Configuration Wizard on System Center Essential

This is the last wizard for the SCE post configuration.

1. Update Management Configuration wizard allow you to configure proxy setting, configure product update, types of updates, updates languages and synchronization schedule.

2. Select yes and enter your proxy setting. If your environment do not use proxy, select No.

3. Wait for the system to synchronization with Microsoft.

4. Once the system retrieve the catalog, select the product that you want to get the updates.

5. On the language selection, select Yes to select the updates in English locale. To select other language, select No and choose your appropriate languages.

6. On the Clarification, by default the option is download update for critical,security and service pack updates. To select other updates, select No and select your preferred updates.

7. On the synchronization settings, select synchronization to occur daily and Specify the synchronization time.

8.Tick synchronization updates when this wizard close to start the synchronization process.

That's concluded the SCE post configuration.