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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Part 105: Configure Computer and Device Management Wizard for System Center Essential

1. After complete the first wizard, you should select Configure Computer and Device Management Wizrd. This wizard allow you to configure discovery option.

2. Choose Automatic discovery to detect computer in your domain environment.

3.On the Administrator account, select Use selected Management Server Action Account. This will use SCEAdmin account that you have created and assign during the SCE installation.

4. Please wait when the system perform system discovery.

5. Once the system discover the computer, it will listed as displayed. Check to select the computer that you want to manage.

6. The system will display the summary of the agent that will be installed in the computer that you select in step 5.

7. The system will display the status of the agent installation. You can wait or close it. It will not interruption the agent installation.

That's concluded the 2nd wizard. In next upcoming article, i will look into the last wizard which configure the windows update settings.