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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enable Access Based Enumeration (ABE) in Windows Server 2008

Short form called ABE. For those professional level, you must have heard ABE since Windows server 2003. Good news !

ABE has became a built-in in Windows Server 2008. No more downloading ABE as what we are doing for Windows Server 2003. Even thought it is built in, by default this feature is disable.
All you need to do is go to Share and Storage Management snap in and enable it.

1. After open the Share and Storage Management snap-in, select the share folder, Right click and select Properties

2. You will notice the ABE mentioned "Disabled". click on Advanced Button

3. Tick enable access based enumeration.

4. Easy right...let compare the result before and after enable ABE.

Before : You will see all folder even thought you do not have the permission.

After enabled ABE:- You only see your own folder.