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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deploy forefront client security in non domain (workgroup) computer

Here is a tips which i would like to share when i tried to deploy FCS client in a workgroup environment.

a) Copy the Client folder which contain FCS 32x and 64x installation files from the CD into the target computer.

b) Use command prompt, type the command "clientsecurity.exe /nomom"

Note:- If you just execute Step A and B, you will not be able to update the FCS client.

c) Go to FCS server and create .reg file called Nonworkgroup.reg using the FCS console and deploy it.

d) Copy the Nonworkgroup.reg file that you have created in step C into Client folder (step A).

e) Use the command prompt, type the command "fcslocalpolicytool.exe /i Nonworkgroup.reg" to merge the reg file into the computer.

f) Try update the FCS client. It should be working right now.