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Monday, February 10, 2020

Routing Using Veeam PN

In this post, we are going to look on how traffic flow from one site to another site using Veeam PN. In this lab, we have deployed Veeam PN as site to site vpn on both sides.

Note: Click on image to view in larger mode.

HQ Site
Configured as Network Hub Mode
Network Subnet:
On client computer, we added route. For any request to will flow to

DR Site
Configured as Site Gateway
Network Subnet:
On client computer, we added route. For any request to will flow to

Do check out the diagram on the architecture & routing table.

Try ping on both sites. By right you should able to ping HQ Site & DR Site. 
If you cannot ping HQ Site from DR Site, remember to add HUB Site for HQ Site- Veeam PN.

That should do the trick to enable both sites able to ping each other.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Webinar:- Microsoft Azure Certifications Explained - A Deep Dive for IT Professionals in 2020

It’s common knowledge, or at least should be, that certifications are the most effective way for IT professionals to climb the career ladder and it’s only getting more important in an increasingly competitive professional marketplace. Similarly, cloud-based technologies are experiencing unparalleled growth and the demand for IT professionals with qualifications in this sector are growing rapidly. Make 2020 your breakthrough year - check out this free upcoming webinar hosted by two Microsoft cloud experts to plan your Azure certification strategy in 2020. 

The webinar features a full analysis of the Microsoft Azure certification landscape in 2020, giving you the knowledge to properly prepare for a future working with cloud-based workloads. Seasoned veterans Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze and Microsoft cloud expert Michael Bender will be hosting the event which includes Azure certification tracks, training and examination costs, learning materials, resources and labs for self-study, how to gain access to FREE Azure resources, and more. 

Altaro’s webinars are always well attended and one reason for this is the encouragement for attendee participation. Every single question asked is answered and no stone is left unturned by the presenters. They also present the event live twice to allow as many people as possible to have the chance of attending the event and asking their questions in person! 

For IT professionals in 202, and especially those with a Microsoft ecosystem focus, this event is a must-attend! 

The webinar will be held on Wednesday February 19, at 3pm CET/6am PST/9am EST and at again 7pm CET/10am PST/1pm EST. I’ll be attending so I’ll see you there! 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Get Size Use on 0365 Objects

Before we start to do sizing for o365 backup, you should get the current size by execute the following command using O365 powershell

$org = Get-VBOOrganization -Name ""
Measure-VBOOrganizationFullBackupSize -Organization $org