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Friday, November 8, 2019

FREE Webinar - Fast Track your IT Career with VMware Certifications

Everyone who attends the webinar has a chance of winning a VMware VCP course (VMware Install, Config, Manage) worth $4.5k!

Climbing the career ladder in the IT industry is usually dependent on one crucial condition: having the right certifications. If you’re not certified to a specified level in a certain technology used by an employer, that’s usually a non-negotiable roadblock to getting a job or even further career progression within a company. Understanding the route you should take, and creating a short, medium, and long term plan for your certification goals is something everyone working in the IT industry must do. In order to do this properly you need the right information and luckily, an upcoming webinar from the guys at Altaro has you covered!

Fast Track your IT Career with VMware Certifications is a freewebinar presented by vExperts Andy Syrewicze and Luke Orellana on November 20th outlining everything you need know about the VMware certification world including costs, value, certification tracks, preparation, resources, and more.

In addition to the great content being discussed, everyone who attends the webinar has a chance of winning a VMware VCP course (VMware Install, Config, Manage) worth $4.5k! This incredible giveaway is open to anyone over the age of 18 and all you need to do to enter is register and attend the webinar on November 20th! The winner will be announced the day after the webinar via email to registrants.

VMware VCP Certification is one of the most widely recognized and valued certifications for technicians and system administrators today however the hefty price tag of $4.5k puts it out of reach of many. The chance to get this course for free does not come along every day and should definitely not be missed!


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