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Monday, December 30, 2019

Building Home Lab VPN

In this post, we are going to setup Home Lab VPN using VeeamPN. Once setup, you able to access your lab from outside.

Download from here. Current latest version is:- Version:
Export OVA to Vmware infrastructure

Default login:
username: root
password: VeeamPN

After login in, get the ip address using command "ifconfig"

Use browser to login to VeeamPN webpage for further configuration

https://veeampn ip address

Change your password when login 1st time/

Then walkthrough on initial configuration

  • installation type (Network hub, site gateway, restore config backup)
  • generate self signed certificate
  • specify VPN settings 
You may view further configuration from here

For macbook user, follow this site to learn how to connect.


Friday, December 27, 2019

How to Backup Azure SQL Database to Local - Part 4

Continue from Part 3, we are going to explore on way to backup Azure SQL Database. In this post, we are putting backup data into Azure Blob Storage.

Natively Azure SQL Database allow to export database into Azure Blob Storage.

To do so, on database click Export


  • File name
  • Subscription Plan
  • Storage to store backup data
  • Database credential

It will take a while for the process to run. You can view status from Import/Export History.

 After backup completed, you can view the bacpac file in your Azure Blob Storage.

That's all for today.

To view previous part, please click below link:

Sunday, December 15, 2019

How to Backup Azure SQL Database to Local - Part 3

Continue from Part 2, we are going to explore next tool to backup Azure SQL Database to Local Computer.

Tool 3: SqlBackupAndFTP Tool

Able to download this tool from here. It is provided free to backup 2 database.

It support MS Sql, My SQL and PostgreSQL database. This tool allow you to backup SQL database to Bacpac file with scheduling for full, differential & transaction.

You can use wizard to configure the backup. Start by selecting type of database.

Next step, enter Azure SQL Server name & credential

Once connected, select database that you want to backup.

Then select your backup target location. For our scenario, we select "Local"

Specify the schedule that you want to backup. You can click on Settings to change the schedule to advance mode.

Finally to get the result, we can send notification via email.

Backup will run according to schedule. You can view the status from log.

That's all for today.

Click here for Part 4.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How to Backup Azure SQL Database to Local - Part 2

Continue from Part 1, we are going to explore next tool to backup Azure SQL Database to local.

Tool 2:- Use SQLPackage Utility. This tool will create BACPAC file from a command line. You can run unattended/automatically using batch file & scheduler.

Download SQLPackage from here
Download Visual Studio Community. Install Data Storage & Processing
Install Analysis Services & Reporting Services, Integration Services component in Visual Studio Market Place. Click here


Query the location of SQLPackage by typing command "dir sqlpackage.exe /s /p"

[ Backup ]

Execute command 

sqlpackage.exe /Action:Export /ssn:tcp:<location> /sdn:<dbname> /su:<username> /tf:c:\backup\<dbname>.bacpac /sp:<password> /p:Storage=File

sqlpackage.exe /Action:Export / /sdn:testdb1 /su:ericlaiys2019 /tf:c:\backup\testsqlpackage.bacpac /sp:1234567890@ms4u /p:Storage=File

Click here for Part 3.

Monday, December 9, 2019

How to Backup Azure SQL Database to Local - Part 1

In this post, we are looking into a way to backup Azure SQL Database which resides on PaaS to local or back to customer on-prem.

This is Part 1 of the tools.

[Pre-requisite preparation]

  • Create any Windows VM operating system. We used Win 10.
  • Install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It require the latest DAC library installed.To download, click here
  • Add Service endpoint on virtual network. Go to Virtual Network > Add Service Endpoint > Microsoft.SQL

  • On SQL Database, open Azure SQL Database Firewall to allow access to the VM

Tool 1: Export a Data Tier Application Using SSMS

  • Open SSMS Tools and Connect to your Azure SQL Database
  • Right click select your database > Tasks > Export Data Tier Application

It will create BACPAC file which will create an exact copy of the database.

This process is manual procedure.

Review Part 2 here.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

ALTARO - Holiday Contest 2019 - Great Prizes to be Won

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So, if you are a Hyper-V or VMware user, download Altaro’s VM Backup and follow the instructions you will find over here to WIN these exciting prizes! 

Good luck & Happy Holidays! 

Friday, November 8, 2019

FREE Webinar - Fast Track your IT Career with VMware Certifications

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