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Friday, September 21, 2018

Windows Server 2019 Webinar

With Microsoft Ignite just around the corner, Windows Server 2019 is set to get its full
release and the signs look good. Very good.

Unless you’re part of the Windows Server insider program - which grants you access to the
latest Windows Server Preview builds - you probably haven’t had a hands-on experience yet
with Windows Server 2019 but the guys over at Altaro have and are preparing to host a
webinar on the 3rd of October to tell you all about it.

The webinar will be held a week after Microsoft Ignite so it will cover the complete feature
set included in the full release as well as a more in-depth look at the most important
features in Windows Server 2019.

Whenever a new version of Windows Server gets released there’s always a lot of attention
and media coverage so it’s nice to have an hour-long session where you can sit back and let
a panel of Microsoft experts cut through the noise and give you all the information you

It’s also a great chance to ask your questions direct to those with the inside knowledge and
receive answers live on air.

Over 2000 people have now registered for this webinar and I’m going to be joining too. It’s
free to register - what are you waiting for?

Save your seat:


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