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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Restore Linux Data on Microsoft Azure Using Veeam Agent

Contacted by customer. They have Linux workload on-premise & would like to use Microsoft Azure as DR site.

  • Linux workload on-premise
  • Use Microsoft Azure -Compute VM as DR site
  • Able to restore data backup from on-premise/Azure
  • No recovery of virtual machine. Just data
  • Linux Azure VM has created with application without latest data
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Here is my proposal:-

  • Veeam Agent for Linux install on Linux physical/Linux VM. Configure to backup and store into Veeam Repository
  • Use Centralize Veeam Repository to store backup data. Customer able to restore on-premise & Azure Linux VM.
  • Configure Backup Copy Job to Veeam Repository on MS Azure. This will copy backup data to MS Azure via site to site VPN. Customer will have a copy of data on-premise & a copy of data on MS Azure.
When disaster happen,

a) customer can restore from on-premise or
b) customer can restore from MS Azure or
c) Use Veeam Explorer on-premise to restore item level recovery. Must have FLR appliance on-premise hypervisor.

Let look into situation that we want to use MS Azure VM as a place where entire production site is down. Here is the configuration that you need to configure:

1. Initially has export Veeam Configuration from Linux on-premise using cmdline- "veeamconfig config export --file config.txt

2. Install Veeam Agent on MS Azure Linux VM. 
3. Transfer the configuration to MS Azure Linux VM. Don't import first.
4. Pres C to configure a dummy backup job with this settings: 
  • Use different backup job name than the original name.
  • Use VBR as Destination
  • Choose Repository - (Veeam Repository at MS Azure) - location where backup copy job data is stored.
  • Uncheck "Run the job automatically"

You also can configure backup repository from cmdline:- veeamconfig repository

We just create a dummy backup job so it is connected to Veeam Backup Repository to get the backup data.

Then import the Veeam Backup Configuration file - veeamconfig config import --file config.txt

  • Open Veeam Console by type command "veeam"
  • Press "R" to recover file
  • You able to view your previous backup job and you can start to restore the file.

To learn more on Veeam Agent for Linux, feel free to check out:-


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