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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Firewall Ports When Restore SQL Database Using Veeam Explorer

Been playing around for the past a week on firewall policy in my lab environment. Documented here in case anyone need any assistance/facing the similar situation.

The scenario was:-

  • firewall in between different subnet/vlan
  • application (SQL server) is located in
  • Veeam Backup Server (VBR+Proxy+repository) located in
  • ESX host located in
Customer having problem when using Veeam Explorer to recover a database back to SQL Server located in

Found that firewall is blocking traffic between and

Here is the finding on firewall ports that need to open when 

a) Using Veeam Explorer on Veeam Backup Server

TCP/ 1433
TCP/ 1025
TCP/ 137-139
TCP 6160 -6170
UDP 137-138

TCP 3260-3270
TCP 49191

p/s: Click on image to view in large mode.

b) Using Veeam Explorer on same subnet as SQL Server ( Staging Server point to SQL VM

Remote Veeam Explorer ->VBR
TCP/ 9392
TCP/ 9401

TCP/6160 -6170

TCP/3260 -3262

p/s: Click on image to view in large mode.

We notice during SQL Database restore, there are traffic SQL -> AD (dynamic ports)

Do take note that above firewall policy is based on my lab environment testing. Do test on your environment and view the log firewall to get the accurate result.


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