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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure for Veeam Backup

Veeam Direct Restore is now available to public and here is an official press release.
You can get it FREE from Azure MarketPlace.

By using Veeam Direct Restore appliance, you can restore your Veeam Backup Data to Microsoft Azure as 
  • Cold DR, 
  • test or development environment
  • migration tool to Microsoft Azure
So how does it really work? 

Just transfer veeam backup data which you have backup by using
to Veeam Direct Restore appliance @Microsoft Azure 

At this moment, you only can 
  • restore Windows based VM from Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 
  • max 1TB Azure Disk limit still apply per VM disk. 
  • Vmware or Hyper-V VM can restore to Microsoft Azure.
1. Deploy Veeam Direct Restore appliance from Azure Market Place. It will deploy as VM [Azure Resource Manager].
2. Configure Veeam Direct Restore appliance by connecting to your Microsoft Azure subscription by using initial configuration. [Click Configuration] 

3. Upload veeam backup data via RDP Connection, Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Files, attaching virtual disk or FTP. We use RDP Connection and attached our local disk. Then copy veeam backup to Direct restore appliance which mapped to Azure Files.
4. Restore machines to Microsoft Azure by using Veeam Direct Restore appliance. [Click Restore]
Select full backup file (VBK) or backup metadata file (VBM). It will restore as VM Classic in this release.

Here is the screenshot that we captured when restore a Domain controller Vmware virtual machine:

Note:- In this wizard, you can change your VM settings and map according to your Azure infrastructure. Azure Storage & Azure Network need to firstly define before restore your virtual machine.

From the history, we notice it took around 16-17 MB/s bandwidth to restore VM to Azure. You can remove VMware tool after VM has boot up.

Give it a try. It work like a charm.



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