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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to Install Hyper-V roles on Vmware Workstation 12?

We just have a request from customer who would like to test Hyper-V but do not have the luxury on owing a physical server. However they got Vmware Workstation 12 on their machine. So here you go... [Use it for test environment only- Not suitable for production use]

After provision a virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 R2 and we try to install Hyper-V roles, we encountered the following error message
" Hyper-V cannot be installed. A hypervisor is already running".

To install Hyper-V roles, we did the following configuration.
1. Turn off virtual machine
2. Go to VM Settings

3. Change Guest OS version to Hyper-V (unsupported)

4. Change Processor settings by select "Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI and Virtualize CPU Performance counters.

5. Power on the virtual machine and try again to install Hyper-V roles.

Now it is working fine.


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