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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Missing Storage Account When Configure Protection Group for Protect VMware to Microsoft Azure Using Azure Site Recovery (ASR)


We encountered missing storage account when would like to configure protect vmware to Microsoft Azure using Azure Site Recovery.

  • Configuration Server has deployed (Azure)
  • Master Target has deployed (Azure)
  • Process Server has deployed (on-premise)


[ Solution ]

We need to create Azure Storage depend on Master Target (MT) VM.

  • If create MT using D Series, must create Premium Azure Storage.
  • If create MT using A Series, must create Standard Azure Storage

After created Azure Storage, must set replication to Geo Redundant. Do not set to Locally Redundant.


Lastly, try to create protection again. Now you will be able to see Storage Account when protect a Vmware Virtual Machine to Microsoft Azure using Azure Site Recovery.



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