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Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 4 - VeeamOn 2015

We had an awesome Veeam Party yesterday. Had a difficulty to woke up and now I need a cup of coffee so I can attend today last session.

Here is our note taking during today session.

Session 1: Veeam Backup and Replication Worst Practices (tom)

Veeam - It's Just Work! (in the logo)


But we

  • Install veeam with default


Bad-Ignore the infrastructure

  • Enough space on the datastore
  • Misses pDRMs or in-guest iSCSCI
  • Fails to properly size repository size
  • No monitoring for critical issues (snapshot, latency)
  • Store backup on VMFS can complicate recovery
  • Veeam components may not be sized for environment and especially growth
  • No off site recovery options from catastrophic disaster.


How to Avoid?

Use Veeam ONE

Before Install

  • VM configuration assessment
  • VM change rate estimation

After Install

  • Monitor capacity (repo space, datastore)
  • Early warning (snapshot)


Don’t Ignore the infrastructure

  • VCEnter or SCVMM performance is critical
  • Pay close to DB maintenance plan
  • Don’t reboot vcenter when backup are running


Consider all external loads

#1 cause of random backup failures is external infrastructure load


One Job Guy

  • Configure all VM into one backup job!


One Job Per VM Guy

  • Want a complete control of policy per vm

Bad! -


The Job Chain Guy

  • Guy that always job…job…and chain it.
  • Manually chain jobs rather than using the automatic scheduler
  • He wants to control the load


The CheapSkate!

The Consolidator

The Tweaker

That's all for different types people that can make your deployment turn to worse. If you do have any feedback , please feel free to use Veeam Forum

That's all for today sharing folk.

Besides than attending general session and closing ceremony, we had an opportunities to join ViaWest DataCenter Tour. It was an awesome site visit. Too bad! we are not allowed to take any picture during tour. Probably next year you can reserve a seat to join on next year VeeamOn.

See you folk next time and have a safe journey home!


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