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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Capacity Planning for Hybrid Cloud


In our previous post, we have talked about Veeam Hyper-V Management Pack. During our exploration, we found that this MP also included with Veeam Capacity Planning that help you to evaluate on-premise virtual infrastructure and estimate the resources needed to run these workload in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The report analyzes VM configuration and historical performance (CPU, storage and memory resources consumed by VMs and VM templates running on vSphere/ Hyper-V hosts) and provides estimation of the Windows Azure hosting options required to support workload in the cloud.

The calculation is based on Microsoft Azure VM specification.

These are the report included for Capacity Planning:-


Once the report has generated, you can view the following information:

Summary – describe our on-premise infrastructure.


Required Infrastructure output for Azure –show the spec of azure VM with number of VM that you need to deploy in the cloud to run your workload.


.Example:- Total our environment consist of 6 VMs on a stand alone Hyper-V host. Out of 6 VMs, there are 4 VM can assign to Extra Small profile and 2 VM assign to Medium profile. To further identify which VMs fall under which profiles, you can click on the number and report display aggregates historical data and shows performance counter values for selected infrastructure object over time

VM Virtual Processor CPU Usage Mhz



Dynamic Memory VM Physical Memory



VM Used Storage GB




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