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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dimmed CONNECT button: Unable to RDP into Virtual Machine When Test Azure Site Recovery Manager



  • CONNECT button is dimmed and unable to rdp into virtual machine.


  • Setup Azure Site Recovery – On Premise to Azure (currently under preview)
  • Test Failover or
  • Perform Planned Failover or
  • Perform UnPlanned Failover

Virtual Machine created from the Azure storage will encountered “CONNECT” button dimmed.



A VM created using Azure Site Recovery do not came with endpoint configure. Guess what? It’s blank. So you need to manually

1. Add a new endpoint

2. Enable RDP setting inside the virtual machine (on primary VM on-premise)

After a new has been created, you need to manually add a new endpoint. Inside the VM,

  • Click Endpoint tab
  • Click +ADD


  • Click Add a Stand Alone Endpoint


Specify –

  • Name -Remote Desktop
  • Protocol – TCP
  • Public Port – Other port than 3389
  • Private Port - 3389


Click OK. That should do the trick and now CONNECT button is enabled.

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