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Saturday, January 25, 2014

FreeBSD Version 10.0 Included Hyper-V Integration Services


According to FreeBSD wiki page, starting from FreeBSD 10.0 version onward will include Hyper-V integration services as part of the operating system.

As of FreeBSD 10.0, Hyper-V integration services provide the following functionality:

  1. Support for integrated shutdown from Hyper-V console.
  2. Support for keeping time synchronized between FreeBSD guest and Hyper-V host.
  3. Support for Hyper-V specific IDE and SCSI storage devices.
  4. Support for Hyper-V specific network adapter.
  5. Live migration with and without static IP migration. Note that to enable static IP migration, administrators will need to include the KVP driver and daemon available in FreeBSD 10.0 ports for Hyper-V.


image image

For those who are interested to test FreeBSD running on Hyper-V, please download the ISO from here.

We have tested FreeBSD 10.0 on our test environment running Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and it’s working fine.

Good luck on your testing….


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