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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Managing StorSimple Using StorSimple Data Protection Console


In our previous post, we have walkthrough by using web console and some configuration. Besides than web console, you can configure StorSimple by using snap-in that separately download from Storsimple website (require to sign in). It’s allows the user to easily creates and manages snapshots, cloud clones and the associated schedules for volumes. By using console, you will be able to perform application consistency backup.


Before start configure your backup policy, you are require to configure Volume Group. Do tick the volume that belong to StorSimple. For example:- Y


Once a volume group has defined, you will able to configure manual backup or  backup policy.


Backup Policy.

The backup policy settings is similar look as web console. You can configure Snapshot, Cloud Snapshot or Cloud Clone. Do check out our previous post about the different meaning of each operation. Here you can configure different operation, retention range and scheduling according to your organization requirement.


You can specify retention range of the backup and scheduling as well.


Once backup start, you can view each backup copies according to different operation.


Restore or Clone

You can restore the entire volume or create a clone. Select Restore will replace the existing data in that particular volume and Clone will assign another volume with different drive letter and allow you to individual restore an items. Do be careful went use the “Restore” action.

image image


Once you have copied the require item, you can delete the volume.

Lastly, you can view the action status from Job.


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