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Monday, December 3, 2012

Giveaway–Altaro Home PC Backup Software


Hi reader,

Altaro has provided 50 free license key for Altaro Oops!Backup to backup your Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. Yes, It is free!

Let see how i’m going to distribute the license key…

After thinking hard, this is how I'm going to distribute the license file

a) 10 license file – to reader. Send an email to with the subject “MS4U- Request Altaro license file”

b) 10 license file – to MVUG members who’s requesting via MVUG Facebook page. Just post in the comment in MVUG FB. “I want the license file” on my post. I will sent license file key via private message to your FB account.

c) 24 license file – to interest people who are attending my session during Windows Server 2012 roadshow.

i) 8 license file for 1st Session – @ Singapore, 5th Dec 2012

ii) 16 license file for 1st and 2nd Session – @Malaysia , 6th Dec 2012.

d) 6 license file allocated as spare first.

That’s should do the trick.

Instruction to get ready while waiting for me to send the license file:-

1. You can download Oops!Backup here: For more information about Oops!Backup check out:

2. If you need installation and user instructions, you can download the User Guide:

3. Request license file by following the options as listed above.
Like your free 50 free licenses?

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I will post in the comment of this article when the 50 license file has taken. All license file will be send by 7th Dec 2012.

So hurry, while stock last.


  1. All license file has redeemed. I will sent email shortly. Thank you

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