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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Presentation:- Windows 8 Virtualization


Today during Microsoft Techday 2012 (Malaysia), we have presented about Windows 8 Virtualization to 300+ audience at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

Our session has covered about

  • Operating system virtualization - Client Hyper-V
  • Presentation virtualization – VDI using Windows Server 2012
  • Application virtualization – App-V 5



  1. Good Day Lai,

    Question on the VDI 2012
    1. Does the RD gateway is a MUST in order to allow connection from internet user? Can we configure firewall NAT DIRECTLY to RD Web Access?
    2. Can we implement RD gateway WITHOUT RD session host? For e.g., 1 VM for RD WebAccess+RD Gateway, 1 VM for Connection Broker and 2 servers for RD Virtualization Host.
    3. In stead of using browser, On the RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, can we configure and connect to VDI desktop pool WITHOUT RD session host? For e.g., 1 VM for RD WebAccess, 1 VM for Connection Broker and 2 servers for RD Virtualization Host.
    4. Do we need to seperate VDI servers and VDI desktop pool with 2 RD virtualzation Host setup in cluster? For e.g., 1st Hyper-V host with VDI VM(1 VM for RD WebAccess and 1 VM for Connection Broker); 2nd Hyper-V with VDI desktop Pool?
    5. Should we enable HA VM for VDI servers and VDI desktop pool?


  2. Hi,
    My replies:
    1. Not recommended. It is recommended to use RD Gateway when access from outside.
    2. Yes you can.
    3. Yes you can. Just losing some features on RD Session roles.
    4. Recommend to separate client OS and Server OS. But you can mix as well
    5. HA give better redundancy and fault tolerance. HA for VDI Server is ok. For pool VM, not require as you can easily create additional VM.

    1. Hi Lai,

      Thanks for your reply.
      Futher on the question above,
      6. Should we place the RD Gateway & RD WebAccess into same server? If we seperate into 2 VMs, will it recommend to put the RD Gateway in DMZ or both RDG & RDWA in DMZ or RDG in DMZ but RDWA in LAN?
      7. Is the only port 443 is needed from internet access to RDWA & RDG in order to connect via RemoteApp and Desktop Connection directly?

      By the way, technet has limited information on VDI 2012. Where can we get the best pratice and the list of firewall requirement?


    2. 9. The certificate should intall to all RD servers or only RDWA or RDG?

    3. 10. Do we need the RD licensing server if we are implementing RD Wed Access, RD Connection Broker and RD Virtualization host and using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection to connect virtual desktop pool in stead of using browser? Or RD licensing server only require for RD session host?

  3. My reply on
    6. Better separate them as RDG put in DMZ
    7. With RDG, yes just 443.
    8. Yes limited resources. Will probably post later
    9. If i'm not mistaken, need for all. Computer CA and RDWA + RDG
    10. RD License is require when setup RDS

    1. Hi Lai,

      Thanks for replying.
      11. I noticed the user profile disk size cannot be changed after the collection was created. Anywhere to modify? By the way, what will happen when user hits the quota limit and will the user get notification in virtual desktop?

      12. Can a virtual desktop deploy from a x64 client OS? I heard someone comment only supported x86 client OS which i don't think so.


    2. 13. For the MASTER GOLD IMAGE, do we need to perform windows activation(MAK or KMS)? Can we use MAK key if no KMS server in our environment? If using MAK, after sysprep, the pooled virtual desktop will require to activate whenever users login?

  4. For Q13,
    recommend to use Volume License Key or KMS. Not MAK as it will ask for activation for every sysprep VM

  5. Dear Lai,

    Do you have any experience to use the HP T410 zero client to connect into virtual desktop based in VDI 2012?

    How can the thin client get connect to virtual desktop?

    If using the thin client RDP 7.1 protocol, which server/ip should i enter?connection broker or https://serverFQDN/rdweb?

    If i use the connection broker, how can the RDP identify which VDI collection that i should connect to?


  6. I dont have experience on HP T410. As long the thin client has RDP then you can connect to virtual desktop. You should point to rdweb or rd gateway


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