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Friday, October 5, 2012

Register DPM 2012 SP1 Backup to Windows Azure Online Backup


DPM 2012 offered 3 types of backup method:

  • a) backup to disk (for short term protection)
  • b) backup to tape (for long term protection)
  • c) DPM 2 DPM 4 DR (DR site)


With DPM 2012 SP1, you have an additional backup method:-

  • a) DPM 2 Azure.


In my test environment, i have test DPM 2012 SP1 Beta and this article will look on register configuration that you should configure before enable DPM 2 Azure.

Summary of the step:-

a) Configure Subscription Windows Azure Online Backup

b) Register DPM to Windows Azure Online Backup


1. On the DPM Console, click on Manage Subscription

2. It will connect to Windows Azure Online Backup. Register an account “Windows Azure Online Backup” to get 300GB quota. Currently this service is under “Preview Version”


3. Once registration complete, click again “Manage Subscription. Click download Windows Azure Online Backup Agent.


4. An additional icon appear. Click Register


Video on how to register DPM to Windows Azure Online Backup

5. Final result after DPM registered to Windows Azure Online Backup


Stay Tuned. In my next article i will post about how to configure backup to Windows Azure Online Backup.

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