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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Export Event Viewer Log from Server Core


Well, you’ve deployed Hyper-V on Server Core. Sometimes, we would like to export the event log for diagnostic. You can use full installation (GUI) of Windows Server and connect to the server core server for viewing the event log. However you will receive an error message when trying to export out the event log. Therefore you got no choice but go back to Server Core and type few commands.

1. To query for event log available on server Core to C:\eventlog.txt

wevtutil el > “C:\eventlog.txt”

Above command will give you event viewer name that you can export out. Let say we want to export System Log.

2. Export System Log

wevtutil epl System C:\ExportSystemLog.evtx

3. To Clear System Log

wevtutil cl System

Hope these command is useful to you.


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