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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Microsoft Hyper-V Backup for SMB/Branch: Altaro Hyper-V Has RTM



In my previous blog, i have commented about Altaro Hyper-V Backup which at that time the product is still under development. Just received a good news from David (CEO of Altaro) that the product has released to public. Altaro Hyper-V Backup is now one of the third party product in the market which support as Microsoft Hyper-V Backup for SMB.

Let have a look on what’s the new changes compare from my previous post.

1. Small size. Just 13 MB and you can install on Hyper-V Host. The product came with 3 Edition:-

  • Free Edition – protect up to 2 VM
  • Standard Edition –protect up to 5 VM
  • Unlimited Edition – protect unlimited VM and most important is support CSV (cluster Hyper-V host)

I have been given an Unlimited Edition License key to test the product. My first try is install on Hyper-V Cluster and VM is running on CSV.

Backup is still extremely fast and support on external USB hard disk which really impressed me a lot, Both nodes should install with Altaro Hyper-V Unlimited Edition. Configure backup plan on each server to protect individual VM which located on the server.


Meanwhile on 2nd Node Server, configure backup drive to use UNC Path which is pointing to Node1 (External USB HDD located).


2. File Level Restore. You can recover a file inside the VM.


Selec the backup VM and point to temporary restore location.


Temporary it will recover to a folder.


Once successful, you need to mount the VHD to recover your Item level recovery by select the Restore VM and select Mount VHD/AVHD..


The system will assign a drive letter and you can browse the file that you want to copy/recover. To recover a file, just use copy and paste method.

Once complete, you can unmounts and it will remove from the temporary folder.

3. Next features:-Fire Drill features. Altaro Hyper-V Backup will perform test recovery based on your schedule to a temporary folder. Identify a temporary folder and configure scheduling for a test.


According to scheduling that you have defined, it will perform fire drill action.


Not only test restoration of the VM but also attach a CLONE VM to your Hyper-V Host . The VM setting is following the original VM configuration except the vNIC is not connected. User can power on the VM to test.

Figure:- on Hyper-V Manager snap-in:


Once complete the test, you can remove it from the Altaro Hyper-V console.


That’s concluded my test. For more features, please go to

Give it a try and you will love the product as i am. :)

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  1. Altaro VM cloud Backup offers full support for Microsoft Hyper-V and was designed to take away the complexities of backing up and replicating Hyper-V. With an intuitive user interface, you can accomplish advanced tasks, making it easy to configure and run backup/restore and replication jobs quickly and reliably.


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