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Friday, July 8, 2011

VMM 2012 Built-In Host Performance


VMM 2012 is included with built-in performance for all hypervisor hosts. Yes, correct, the built-in performance is not limited to Hyper-V but also applicable to Citrix Xen Server & Vmmare hypervisor. The best is, you no longer require to use SCOM in order to view CPU, Memory, Network and Storage.

Hypervisor Host Performance snapshot is attached below. You can view daily performance and the record is keep for 30 days. The performance data will refresh every 1 minute.



By default, it will display the result on average value. You can use mouse to maneuver the graph to view the result according to hours.

Sample: 1.00 PM – July 7            9.00 AM- July 8


Neat right !


  1. if you got nothing useful to say, dont post it

  2. Thanks for your comment. But i find it is a useful post and most people dont know that VMM 2012 provide performance monitoring view. So look at the bright side, if may come to useful info to people who dont know about this feature.

    Cheer up. :)


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