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Monday, May 30, 2011

Private Cloud Chargeback Solution

Why you want to implement chargeback ? Well, for those who are implementing virtualization, you may realize that creating a Virtual Machine (VM) is easy and sometime it become difficult to calculate as a  cost.

Your management may want to know why suddenly you want to raise a PO to buy additional server with extra resources. Then how can you justify different department or organization is utilizing the new resources.

This is where chargeback system need to be in-place. With chargeback, you have a better understanding of where the server resources are allocated or actual usage.
Here is the infrastructure that you require to setup Private Cloud:-


Private Cloud setup requirement:-
a) Hyper V Host
b) VMM 2008 R2 + SQL Server
c) SSP 2.0. I’m running SSP 2.0 with SP1
d) SCOM integration
e) Active Directory
f) Chargeback system -Product: Vkernel Chargeback
g) Sharepoint

Here is sample report of the chargeback system look like:-

a) Default provide a chargeback on CPU, Memory, Disk and Network.

b) Additional chargeback, you can custom your own field. Example: Electricity, Antivirus, Software Patch, Support, etc.

c) Resource Consumption graph on CPU, Memory, Storage and Network based on utilization & actual usage.
d) Comparison between 2 point. (Example: Today vs Yesterday, This week vs last week, etc)

e) Different customer customization either by department or subsidiary company. Chargeback and graph can allocate to specific customer.


  1. Please check your English before posting.
    Second, it remains a mystery what chargeback system is used.

  2. Thank you for your valuable feedback. More information about chargeback, pls visit:-
    Thank you