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Sunday, December 12, 2010

HP NIC Teaming on Server Core


Well, I'm a bit sceptical when deploy anything in Server Core at the first place.

As an additional tool from previous post:-

If you would like to do teaming on DELL Server, please refer to

How about HP NIC Teaming?

1. Go to hp website and navigate to hardware driver.

2. Locate HP NCU (Network Configuration Utility) , download and install into Server Core

3. Then simply start hpteam.cpl from c:\program files\hp\ncu and do the usual GUI based configuration.

Is that simple? Never guess that NCU is working in Server Core.


  1. Lai, for Hyper-V it's very important to install the NCU after the role has been installed. Also keep in mind, the tool can't be uninstalled on server core. Since version 10.x it's not that bad - but older versions didn't function well. I posted an articel on my blog (in German) about the step-by-step install procedure:


  2. You're right, minimum version should be 10.X. Thanks Michel for sharing to the community.

  3. Thanks guys. Did you ever come across an instance where hpteam.cpl crashes in server core and you can't run it? I have tried everything including figuring out how to uninstall NCU from core (which was successful) but anytime I reinstall (currently version I crash with a "send to microsoft" message every time I run hpteam.cpl!