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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shared ISO files in VMM for Cluster Hyper V


Most of you should familar with share ISO feature in VMM. I have wrote about this on previous article. If you forget, please feel free to check on here:-

Now the question is Why I blog again about this topic? Well, previous step by step configuration is applicable for stand alone Hyper V host. How about Clustered Hyper V host?

In my scenario, i have
Node 1 - Cluster node 1
Node 2 - Cluster node 2
HvCluster - Cluster name

On the VMM library share + NTFS permission, add Node1, Node2 and HVCluster with Read permission.
The VMM Library Default share is located in

C:\ProgramData\Virtual machine Manager Library Files

Modify the share permission:-
System, VMM Service Account, Node1, Node2, HVCluster, Domain Admin, Administrator
Modify the NTFS Permission:-
System, VMM Service Account, Node1, Node2, HVCluster, Domain Admin, Administrator

You notice on default VMM Library share, you're not require to add each stand alone Hyper V host. But for cluster Hyper V host, you need to add them. Once you have configure the delegation for each nodes and cluster name, you've complete the process.
Now, when you tick share ISO for cluster node, you will be able to do so without any error.


  1. I could not get this to work until I changed the VMM services to run under a domain account instead of Local System.

  2. Yes, correct. VMM Service Account must run under a domain account. It is recommended to run domain account. When you go deeper such as integration with SCOM, you need domain account rather than Local System.

  3. Man thanks!
    I followed technet and didn't succeed, while this worked!
    I don't know what technet article is missing.