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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Utility Disk2vhd v1.3

On 3 November 2009, Microsoft has just released a new tool called "Disk2vhd v1.3".

It is one of the great A+  P2V utility which allow you to run on a system that's online. You can use this tool to convert a physical machine which runs Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1 and higher including x64 system.

Just double click Disk2vhd.exe and select the volume that you want to convert to a VHD.
By default ,the utility name the VHD using physical computer name.

Once the utility has convert to a VHD, you just create a VM with the desired characteristics and add the VHDs to the VM’s configuration as IDE disks.

To get this tool:- Click here


  1. Hi,
    I browsed your Blog and it's lot of useful info.
    I have a little question about p2v solution.
    Do you know how to convert a SAN boot Physical machine that once the physical machine failed?
    The idea what i think is mapping SAN boot Volume to a New created Virtual Mahcine on Hyper-V Server.
    Then we can boot this VM for DR purpose.
    But i don't know is there any tools can help to convert the Hardware format to Hyper-V from Physical.


  2. Hi,

    You can try to use SCVMM P2V features. 3rd party tool is using Acronis products. Acronis can backup the whole physical system and convert to Hyper V VM.

    thanks for your valuable comment

  3. Hi,Just my 2 cents..
    Using Acronis to covert Physical machine to image for backup but they need times to recover backup image to VM once Disaster occurs...

    That's why i thinking about if there a tools like VMware Converter that can convert a Physical Server's SAN boot volume and then do pass-through mapping to Hyper-V VM (do not need to convert to VHD format), that will reduce a lot of time for DR.


  4. Hi,

    May be you can try to have a look in DoubleTake product.


  5. Hi !

    I heart about backup VM using this tool and would like any feedback with the virtual NIC configuration.

    Will I have to newly configure the NIC that i have to create in the VM on hyperV ?

    Does this tool copy only volumes and files or manage too an hardware abstract degree on the VM's ?
    Is it completely designed for making VM or for BKP usage only ?



  6. Hi,
    This tool has reached to Disk2vhd v1.62. You can get it from

    This tool mainly use to P2V but some people use as backup software as well since it can run online.
    It capture the drive/volume of your system including the hardware driver.


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