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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hyper V R2 Clustering 101

Hi, from now onward, MS4U blog will share some step on certain microsoft technologies. Just refer to any title 101.

Here are the steps to create Hyper V R2 Clustering...

Step 1:- Configure ISCSI with at least 2 LUN which mapped to volume (1 = witness, 1 = data)
Step 2:- Configure NIC 1(public) and NIC 2 (private) with the correct ip address
Step 3:- Configure ISCSI Initiator
Step 4:- Both hosts must join to domain. This is a basis requirement for windows clustering
Step 5:- After detected the hard disk, format the HDD with NTFS and set to Offline
Step 6:- Install Windows Failover Clustering features
Step 7:- Run Validation Clustering test before Create cluster and make sure all test are "passed"
Step 8:- Create a cluster by using Failover Clustering snap in
Step 9:- After successful create a cluster, Add the Second Node
Step 10:- Within Failover Cluster, Add all the Storage disk.
Step 11:- Configure Cluster Quorum settings by selecting the correct quorum setting. I'm using Node Majority.
Step 12:- Create Cluster Shared Volumes and add Cluster Disk Data.
Step 13:- After the cluster shared volume is created, you can copy vhd into C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1 location
Step 14:- To create new VM, pls use Failover cluster snap in and point to the same location as step 13.

That's concluded all the steps. Perform all the test for final checking.

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